Difference between Odoo 11 Community and Enterprise

A slew of features have been introduced in the release of the latest Odoo 11 version. Some of the exciting features that can enhance Odoo development and truly add value to a business include

  • New Appointment App

  • New Payment Acquirer in E-commerce App

  • Improved Timesheet App

  • Improved Accounting App

  • Enhanced apps for inventory, purchase, subscription, and discussion

  • Improved CRM app

  • Improved MR app

  • Improved Website Builder app with new features

  • Improved E-commerce app with additional features

With this Odoo implementation, businesses now have the choice to use the basic features of Community Edition (CE) or go for advanced Enterprise Edition (EE) to access specific business apps.

If you are wondering which edition to migrate to, then it makes sense to hire Odoo developer or connect with an expert in Odoo development in India.

Here is a quick look at the key differences between the Community and the Business edition:

  • Admin Level : Odoo EE offers bug fixes, functional support and version upgrades. These aren’t available in the CE version.

  • UI : While Odoo CE is available only on desktops, the EE version is available on mobile and desktops

  • Studio Access : Odoo EE users can work with Screen Customization, Report Designer, Menus Editor, and Apps Creator. This feature list is not available to CE users and imposes a fair bit of limitation on Odoo customization.

  • Accounting : The new improved accounting app can be accessed by both types of users. However, CE users are limited to invoicing and payments, while EE users get full-fledged accounting suite.

  • Project Management : Since smaller businesses at grassroots level do not prefer the functionality of forecasts and employee timesheets, the CE version has kept these features out. It is available to EE users.

  • Sales Management : Both CE and EE users get access to CRM, Sales, and Customer portal. EE users can additionally access VoIP integration, subscriptions, digital products, and e-signature.

  • Human Resources : Core HR functions like employee database, expenses, leaves, and recruitments have been provided to both EE and CE users. In addition to this, EE users also hire Odoo developer to get modules for appraisals and department level dashboards for employee insights.

  • Inventory management : The new improved inventory app containing inventory management and purchases management are available to CE and EE users. EE users also get access to extra modules like barcode support, integration with major shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

  • Manufacturing : Options like PLM, Maintenance, Quality, and shipping integration is kept out of Community Edition.

  • Website Builder : Both CE and EE users can access basic website building elements, blog templates, and presentations. EE users can also access Form Builder, Call-to-Actions Blocks, Versioning, and A/B Testing to enhance visitor engagement.

  • E-commerce : While both CE and EE users can build full scale e-commerce stores online, EE users get additional features like eBay connector, payment integration, and Amazon connector.

  • Marketing :  Events, Expresses, Live Chat and email marketing can be availed by both CE and EE users. However CE users cannot access marketing automation, lead scoring, or email marketing templates.

Proceed ahead strategically

You can make a decision on which edition to use, based on your specific business requirement. By analyzing the comparison, it is clear that Odoo has kept the basic version free for download under Community Edition. For bigger businesses, a good agency specializing in Odoo development India will definitely recommend the Enterprise Edition which comes with its pricing plans.

However before you begin the upgrade process you need to ensure the integrity, completeness, and accuracy of the data and entities you will be porting. This calls for professional expertise from a skilled ERP development company that has experience in such migration projects and in-depth domain experience on Odoo. This is where we at Veepal come in as an expert in ERP software development using Odoo.

Do connect with us at Veepal to enable a smooth and hassle-free Odoo migration to version 11 under an edition of your choice.