A look at the top PHP frameworks in 2018

With its undisputed position as the world’s favorite server- side scripting language, PHP has successfully driven custom technology product development. Because of its dominant position, the demand for creating complex web applications has increased. This, in turn, has increased development time and costs. However, with the help of frameworks, a custom php development company in India can easily trim down costs and quicken delivery timelines without impacting quality.

With frameworks, a php web development company can take advantage of reusable codes, security policies, and methodologies, to enable swift technology product development. With frameworks, the developer can maintain the quality benchmark of high levels of functionality and usability.

When you hire php developer, you will avail of the benefits of MVC architecture in frameworks that offer clean separation of the presentation and logic. If you are searching for the best frameworks, then check out this post to know more:

    1. CodeIgniter
      Faster PHP web application development is a key feature of CodeIgniter framework. The latest CodeIgniter 3 comes with a host of new additions and features like

      • Changing of proprietary license to MIT license
      • Minimum of PHP 5.2.4 version support
      • New Output library to facilitate minifying of CSS and HTML
      • New addition to helpers such as third parameter added to timespan()


    1. Laravel
      For a core php development company, the business gains provided by Laravel remains unmatched in today’s times. The framework is expressive, robust, and easy to migrate. It succeeds in making the overall development time shorter and the process much more efficient.
      In Feb 2018, Laravel has released version 5.6. One of the key additions made is the limitation on maximum number of requests a user is allowed to make depending on the attribute of a user authenticated model. Other noteworthy features include upgrades to model serialization, broadcast channel classes, single-server task scheduling, and API resource controller generation.


    1. Yii
      YII is a great pick to build and deploy Web 2.0 applications. Features like I18N, widgets Hierarchical RBAC, and DAO/ActiveRecord, make YII a reliable framework for developing large scale PHP web applications. A good custom php development company will agree that its robust caching is one of the main highlights and ensures swift loading web applications.
      YII 2.0.14 released in Feb 2017 is the latest versions ad required PHP 5.4.0 and above to work well. It is 100% compatible with PHP 7.x too.


    1. CakePHP
      For secure web application development, CakePHP is a great framework. With its features like Cross-site request forgery prevention, SQL injection prevention, XSS (cross-site scripting) prevention, and input validation, the framework is the top choice for big brands like CNBC and AutoTrader. For enterprise grade web applications, CakePHP offers the dual benefits of speed and reliability. The active developer community too helps ensure that developers get all the help they need to build custom or complex PHP applications.


  1. WordPress
    Big names like CNN and New York Times trust WordPress for quick and portable development. WordPress has moved from a simple blogging site to a full-fledged commercial web applications development suite. The responsive web design and SEO friendly capabilities built into WordPress ensures better visibility to brands using WordPress.
    Version 4.9 was released towards the end of 2017 and comes with updates like a better facility to view and change themes from the customizer. With this version, developers can also create native gallery through a gallery widget. Also, an ‘Add Media’ button helps to add an image directly inside the text widget.


A reliable php web development company will take note of these frameworks and pass on the value provided to developing a fully customizable and scalable PHP web application solution.