Why prefer Java Frameworks to other framework pros?

For software engineers, developing applications is just one part of the whole process. Companies expect such developers to build structured products for customers, support for backup, and provide all the necessary features. One of the many programming languages/frameworks used for this purpose is Java, which acts as a robust solution for all types of utilities acting in an innovative, effective and efficient way. It comprises of many frameworks including Spring,Vaadin, Hibernate, JSF, and Struts. With such frameworks backing up your projects, one can certainly feel satisfied with the dynamic process of custom Java development in India.

Reasons for Java’s popularity

Besides the standard attributes, Java offers a number of innovative and practical features that give it the upper hand compared to other languages and frameworks. Some of these are:

  • High Portability : Programming codes developed using Java frameworks like Spring and Struts 2, are easily transferable from one system to another. Moreover, one does not even have to worry about the configuration preferences when there is a need of transfer.
  • High security : Any source code that is compiled using Java frameworks, is assembled using a highly secure object code, known as bytecode. The JVM (Java Virtual Machine) interprets this code without letting any external agent tamper with it.
  • Robust : Java frameworks have been known to be quite sturdy. In other words, they can easily endure any exceptional or erroneous conditions without damaging the program or application.
  • Independent : Java does not require any particular platform to run it. And, this feature makes it a great application for any operating system. All users need is Java Runtime Environment, which does not need lengthy setups or installations to run it on a system before executing any Java-enabled application.
  • Automated management of memory : The JVM does not require the user to run the allocation or transfers of the objects during memory logistics. It does that for you automatically.
  • High-grade performance : When it comes to memory efficiency, Java transcends to be at the top. With advancement of technology, Java frameworks have gained the upper hand thanks to lightning-fast compilation codes like JIT (Just in Time), JVM, etc.
  • Network support : When you hire Java developer in India, you get their support through highly sophisticated and advanced libraries and APIs. These packages can be used instantaneously for developing stronger and more reliable network systems.
  • Ease of development : Frameworks like Spring, Vaadin, Hibernate, JSF, and Struts are the reason why Java is so popular among developers. With its libraries and templates, Java frameworks save significant development effort for building web services,web resources, and APIs.For clients this means lower development time and faster deployments.
  • Multitasking : Last but not the least, Java frameworks are meant for multitasking and synchronizing operations that enable faster processing of real-time apps and multimedia.

Aim towards perfection

Java frameworks may have all the features that users would love to have in their applications, but it still needs to reach new heights for becoming a perfect programming language. Nevertheless, it is one of the most preferred platforms for developing advanced applications worldwide. If you want to hire java developers in India, USA, UK, Australia or Canada for your projects, then you can go for Java frameworks. Because, there is no other language that can match Java’s seamless and flexible integration. Get the best custom Java development services in India through a reliable development team such as Veepal and get incredible ROI for your business needs with our technology caliber.