7 WordPress Trends that will Dominate 2018

Ever since its release in 2003, WordPress has been going strong as the preferred choice of CMS the world over. Even after 14 years, it has been continuously evolving to cater to shifting tech landscape and changing customer preferences. As we look to close 2017 and enter into 2018, we check out some prevalent trends that will help a provider of custom WordPress development India.

1. The rise and dominance of mobile-first
A smart WordPress development company India will vouch that more and more WordPress sites are created with the “mobile first” philosophy. This trend will continue in 2018. The ideal way to go here would be to start development with a small screen and then scale up to cover more screen sizes, device types, and form factors.

2. Single page layout
Single page websites will turn to be a key offering under WordPress development services India. With great storytelling, logical design flow, and ease of navigation, these WordPress sites will be increasingly preferred by businesses and individuals alike.

3. Enhanced level of security with HTTPS
As security concerns grow with increasing site attacks, both Google and WordPress are clearly emphasizing on adding an additional layer of security to the existing Hyper-Text Transmission Protocol. This is where HTTPS (the extra ‘S’ stands for ‘secure’) comes in. WordPress is also encouraging secure connection between the browser and server through SSL encryption.

4. Usage of themes will increase further
Themes have been popular is expanding the functionality and usage of a WordPress site. With a huge array of WordPress themes available in the market today, it has become far easier for a company of custom WordPress design India to provide radically distinct and eye-catching WordPress websites. These sites stand apart competitively and never fail to attract the target users’ attention.

5. Better typography
Today’s demanding customers no longer remain satisfied with standard H2 and H3 fonts. They are looking for (and getting) more creative versions of fonts appearing on sites. The good news is that with WordPress, this becomes easy to accomplish. When clients hire WordPress developer India, they know that the developers will have the ability to use third party applications like Adobe and Google to create totally new fonts and then export it to WordPress. This ensures the delivery of an amazing user experience.

6. Images and videos
Routine sites without any multimedia integration no longer have the ability to hold the visitors’ attention. Modern day WordPress development services India incorporate a lot of images and videos during development. This helps to improve the attention span of the visitors and promote engagement.

7. Online stores with WordPress
More and more e-commerce sites are now adopting WordPress for the development of their online shopping sites. The presence of solutions like WooCommerce is the key factor promoting this trend in 2017. This also means that the content management system can now host multiple products and add new products to the stores with minimal coding necessary.

To wrap up
Potential clients will hire WordPress developer India that embraces these trends. Make sure you follow them and present a great picture of your industry authority in WordPress development.