Introducing The Brand New Odoo 11 For Businesses Across The Globe

If you own an enterprise which happens to be your dream venture, you will surely wish to embrace dynamism, speed, and superb functionality. In simple words, you will want to get Odoo for your organization thus achieving scalability, systematic operations, and effective business management. ERP is the need of the hour, and that’s where targeted odoo Implementation can work for you!

Welcome the new member!

There’s no denying the speed, efficiency, and agility Odoo bring to your organization. In spite of that, the makers took initiatives to upgrade and enhance its performance, thus making smooth odoo development and integrations possible. You can integrate this ERP system into your existing business infrastructure and embrace hassle-free business management.

What’s new for you?

Odoo 11 comes with a slew of attractive and innovative features. As the leading erp development company, Odoo makers have put their best efforts to bring something new to the table. Here’s what will captivate your attention:

1. Stunning interface: An attractive and unique interface will ensure flexibility for users. From clean fonts to background colors, Odoo 11 has everything to satisfy users.

2. Improved speed: As the most reputed erp software development company, Odoo makers have enhanced the system’s speed by a whopping 300%. That’s a notable aspect for all business owners out there!

3. Progress Bar: If you want your team to keep track of ‘Things-to-do,’ ‘Jobs done,’ and ‘Overdue’ lists, that’s possible with Odoo 11. All they have to do is click on the Progress Bar and know about the current status.

4. Mobile UI for uninterrupted communications: You can now engage in meaningful discussions with your team. The ‘thumb zone’ ensures access to all the main buttons. You can use your Smartphone and talk.

Opportunities galore

The all-new Odoo 11 brings exceptional opportunities for business enterprises across the world. You can take your organization one step ahead by investing in odoo customization. If you still haven’t opted for this innovative ERP system, it’s high time to do that. Get in touch with the top odoo development india company or hire odoo developer for successful and effective odoo migration and odoo development.