Backed by the IT giant Microsoft, Windows Mobile smartphones are rapidly gaining popularity in the smartphone market. Veepal helps you effectively tackle this growing base of customers with creative apps that help improve productivity, provide visually stunning gaming and multimedia experience, and enrich customers? lifestyle. If you need a trusted hand in Windows Mobile app development, look no further than Veepal.


The operating system used for hand held mobile devices is called Windows Mobile. It has all the necessary features and applications created by Windows such as MS Office, MS Outlook, Internet Explorer and many more. All those applications that you see on your windows software are found in their mobile versions. This has become extremely popular because of the fact that all the users use Windows software in their desktops and laptops. Hence, the features and applications are extremely easy to use and thus require no training. This operating system is specially built for mobile devices and is built on Windows CE platform.

Features and reasons for preferring Windows Mobile:

People prefer Windows Mobile because of many reasons. Since the time it was launched, the popularity of the operating systems has grown in leaps and bounds. This has led to a huge increase in the market share of smart phones featuring Windows OS. HTC mobile phones are one of the most prominent examples of this trend. The reasons for most of the companies to choose Window OS as a platform for developing mobile applications are:

  • Familiarity with the concepts and ease in using the applications
  • Offers huge flexibility when it comes to programming and development
  • Offers many security features
  • Return on investment is guaranteed
  • Carries Microsoft brand with it
  • Offers a competitive edge when compared to other mobile operating systems
  • Combination with .NET technology provides better output

Solutions we offer:

We have spent years in the mobile domain of developing solutions and gained mastery in it over a period of time. We are fully equipped to understand the professional needs of our customers and thereby address them in a better manner with quality output. Our vast experience in the area of mobile telephony has enabled us to devise Windows Mobile solutions in a myriad of technologies and platforms ranging from

  • Pocket PC versions
  • Smart phone versions
  • Win CE versions
  • Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard and Professional

Services we offer:

When we talk about the services that we offer, we are a little different from others. We not only make mobile applications using Windows Mobile technology but also actively participate to distribute and market the applications. Each application needs to be a carefully thought before being executed in reality. Apart from these services, we also design games for your entertainment and fun. These games are designed with increasing level of complexities so that a single game can be played by the people of various age groups.

Advantages with us:

Windows Mobile is a very well-known platform for developing mobile applications and other related services. Hence, there are many companies who provide services pertaining to it. The fact that we are different from others is because

  • We have a dedicated team which works only on these applications
  • Our team is dedicated and committed to give quality output
  • Professional and a systematic approach is mentioned
  • We provide advice and suggestions to enhance the features of your product

We are always ready to serve you with the best solution for all your requirements. Thus, Contact us through email, voice chat or a phone call.

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