• Most of the clients business comes from special orders and not inventory. They may have some small amount of inventory but very little.
  • Company can get the same product from many different vendors and they chose which vendor based on price and availability.
  • Company gets a request for quote. They research price and availability
  • Once they have the request for quote, the Company calls their vendors for that product and find out cost and availability and then decide on which vendor to purchase the item from.
  • Company can get an order with just a couple of products on it or they can get an order with hundreds of products on it.
  • Company gives the customer price, availability and then customer decides if they will order from Company.
  • The customer sends a purchase order to Company. Once Company receives the purchase order from their customer, they have to create a sales order which matches the customer purchase order.
  • Company orders the products from their various vendors.


  • vTiger CRM Open source
  • MySQL server
  • Smarty
  • PHP Mailer
  • PHP Sysinfo
  • Magpie RSS