The application is to sell subscriptions of Magazines and Newspapers through web, where subscribers can read them on their mobile devices i.e. iPhone and Android smartphones.


  • Objective C
  • Android SDK


  • Arabic / English
  • Library is for issues users own, whether free or purchased
  • Search capability
  • The magazines can be read online and offline and synchronize the user library on multiple devices
  • The ability to buy an issue and instantly use the iTunes account
  • Bookmark page or articles
  • Push notifications for communicating to users
  • Support for hotspots, video, audio, HTML, links and pop-ups
  • Link and hotspot that can take the user directly to another page, another issue or even another app
  • Full Subscription Control
  • Keep issue sizes down with the right balance between quality and download time
  • Social media integration with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter
  • iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android apps