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At the heart of the case study is the technology solution designed, developed, and deployed by Veepal IT Services. It aligned to Triptiva's need to provide a state-of-the-art reservation and management software meant exclusively for the outdoor industry.

With our technology solutions, the client was able to propagate its industry leadership as a one of its kind solutions provider catering just the outdoor adventure businesses. It also helped strengthen the client's position to provide distinct servicing to the outdoor adventure businesses.


Colarado, US offers a huge potential for outdoor enthusiasts. As a result, a lot of businesses have sprung up catering to the needs of these adventurists. However, the landscape is fraught with practical difficulties that prevent the companies from offering an extremely high level of customer servicing.

Triptiva positions itself as a technology solutions provider to help these businesses ramp up their customer servicing endeavors.


Triptiva's requirement was to help alleviate the various challenges around reservation and bookings management made by the outdoor management businesses. These included

  • Manage multiple modes of booking without leading to overlaps
  • Substantial human induced errors
  • Provide geographically relevant and targeted ads of local businesses
  • No way to centralize customer details


Veepal IT Services was commissioned to do the end-to-end project management - right from initial brainstorming to post release support and maintenance At the core of the solution were three key KRAs

  • The client's staff can easily carry out their duties without seeing a dip in the level of customer servicing
  • They get the necessary technology assistance to help bring about a greater level of accuracy, efficiency, and productivity at a lower cost of operations
  • Gain from a well-organized, easy to learn, and interactive interface

The below technologies were used

  • : C# .NET
  • : MySQL Server
  • : MVC
  • : All
  • : Linux


With the help of this technology solution, Triptiva was able to effectively target the outdoor adventure businesses in the United States with an elevated degree of customer servicing. It not only helped the client achieve internal KRA's (automate routine tasks, better communication higher efficiencies, lower costs), but also helps accomplish critical performance metrics for its customers (accurate and near real time booking/reservation systems, better management of bookings, avoid overbookings)

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