Testing and QA

At Veepal, we strongly believe that our product is as good as the testing it undergoes. For us, testing and QA process is not a supplementary activity but rather deserves equal focus as the development stage. We have proven caliber in both manual and automation testing for a range of products - game applications, mobile apps, enterprise application, or desktop applications.

With skills in test plan development, test case building, debugging management, and bug maintenance, you can rely on Veepal for a thorough testing job to increase the success potential of the product, post its release. Our in-depth testing is accomplished in swift time to enable a quicker time to market for your applications and thus lower production costs.

Quality Assurance & Testing Services

Explore full- service QA and testing capabilities only at Veepal. Our offerings include -

  • QTP Testing : For your web mobile or software application, nothing but the best in automation testing will work. Hence, we have built significant expertise in QTP testing. Our experts can build powerful testing scripts to rigorously check for all possible bugs and fix them. Within QTP, we offer the below services -
    1. Setting up and configuring Test Library Architecture Framework
    2. Keyword based testing
    3. Test Script Modularity
    4. Design of test data to check for all permutations and combinations
    5. We utilize QTP for exception handling, configuration management, test execution, incident management, and performance testing
    6. Browser compatibility check for mobile, web and software applications.
  • LoadRunner : Our forte on this performance and test automation tool helps you to know how your existing system will behave in real-life load generation situations. We strive for our solutions to meet the real-world business demand for your particular application and hence insist on getting this type of testing done. Our experts have hands-on expertise in the various modules of LoadRunner including VuGen (for end user business processes), Controller (to administer and monitor the test), and Analysis (to analyze the performance of the test script)
  • Selenium : We have a strong domain experience on Selenium - the world's favorite open source QA and testing tool. Right from exploratory testing and script creation, to multi-platform regression automation testing with WebDriver, we can do all this and much more with Selenium. Our Selenium QA expertise spans multiple programming languages include C#, Java, Perl, Python, and Ruby. With our skills on this tool, you can bring down your testing costs and gain better ROI with Veepal's international industry experience.

If you are looking for a fresh perceptive of an expert technology company, then your search ends with the testing expertise of Veepal IT Services Pvt. Ltd. Connect with us to know more about our software testing and QA adeptness.

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