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With the world becoming a global village, scores of industries and companies transcend geographies to tap into the IT human capital that India supplies. Our team at Veepal too provides cutting edge and top notch services at a fraction of the cost, thus bringing better RoI to your business. Read more to see how Veepal adds significant value to your revenues.


India is the number one destination to outsource software and web development projects in all over the world. At Veepal, we work on global delivery model wherein we provide all benefits of outsourcing to you from our development centre based at Bangalore, India. Outsourcing gets considered value to our clients through reducing costs, focus on core business, increase operational efficiency, quality improvement and scalability. Trend of outsourcing has grown rapidly especially with companies who want to cut costs while having access to world class software developers.

One of the proven factors that magnetize most of the Fortune 500 companies internationally to the software outsourcing company in India is the tremendous savings attached to an offshore software outsourcing projects. Companies report 40% to 60% increase in net savings on an average with the help of offshore outsourcing.

We have successfully executed numerous outsourced software development engagements with clients from various industry sectors, worldwide. Our approach is to have a pool of technical resources available dedicatedly or on need basis, which has enabled us to overcome long distance communication and project management issues. We enable full control over the dedicated team and project management practices by providing strong communication channels including email, Skype, GoToMeeting, other conferencing tools and instant chat messengers for you to communicate with our offshore team. Veepal outsource engagement with clients are long term and transparent.

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