All you need to know about our company


Veepal has developed its guiding principles on three key values that reflect in our daily operations, in our client and project management, and in our sales and marketing strategies
1. to deliver high quality secure applications,
2. to enable 100% transparency in our operations and allow total access to our resources for your enhancing business
3. to achieve 360 client satisfaction


Veepal IT Services is an organization built on three main beliefs Quality & Security, Transparency & Accessibility and Client Satisfaction. Our success lies in our values we share at Veepal. Our values are derived from our clients, partners and people, which can be achieved collectively.

At Veepal, we empower and motivate people and allow them to take new creative initiatives. Our ideals bring motivation and passion within and allow them to grow and work with fun.

Our principles reveal in:

  • Client relationship
  • Client confidence
  • Timely delivery
  • Value for money
  • Quality adherence
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Confidentiality & Integrity
  • Transparency & Accessibility

We care for our values and relish with all our employees, clients and partners. We respect each individual and their values that build a transparent ambiance and excellent teamwork within the company. We pledge to breathe up to our ethics.

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