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Veepal received an exciting mandate from a Miami-based POS technology development client in 2016. In order to serve its customers better and expand the range of solutions it offers, it needed to get an Odoo POS solution developed.


The challenge was to integrate a cloud based Odoo solution that facilitated 'anytime, anywhere' access to the ERP data and worked well for the retail POS.

An additional concern was to ensure all-round improvement in productivity and efficiencies in the restaurant business by developing a restaurant ERP.


After doing a client needs analysis and proposing various alternatives, Veepal aligned to the client business needs by developing an Odoo OpenERP solution and integrating a SaaS implementation on the cloud. The features added in specifically included -

  • Setup Odoo POS on the cloud as SaaS with customizations
  • Setup secure login with SSL certificate integration
  • Customized lottery functionality for the receipt
  • Customized refund functionality
  • Floor and table management
  • Table wise order taking with customer details
  • Kitchen screen with live status of orders
  • Restaurant menu management


With the cloud based Odoo implementation the retail and restaurant business was able to

  • Get a higher level of operational efficiencies at a lower cost
  • Align the entire team to get streamlined work and processes ensuring a better quality of service delivery in a shorter span of time
  • The company saw a jump in user experience, brand visibility, and revenue generation opportunities by having access to the right data at the right time.

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