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This case study assesses the technologies & solutions utilized to deliver LATW by Veepal IT Services. The LATW website was developed for T4 Media Group, a prolific outdoor media specialist operating with 4 distinct ad formats. For one of its ad formats, Veepal IT Services needed to develop an appealing website that helped enhance its outdoor marketing expertise of LATW with subtle sophistication.

Due to the expert design, and development capabilities of Veepal IT Services, LATW deployed a platform that was able to gain maximum visibility for its end customers. This in turn established Veepal IT Services as one of the key components of the client's success.


The website development was commissioned by T4 Media Group based in the UK. The company conducts successful outdoor advertising campaigns for big names such as BMW, Visa, Samsung, and McDonald to name a few.

The key competency of the T4 Media Group involves leveraging their 4 hugely successful ad formats. These formats are specially crafted for local businesses that attracts eyeballs for lead generation & sales conversion.

  • - Ads are placed on fuel nozzle at petrol pumps. Customers can see the ad when they take the fuel nozzle in their hands for filling up fuel
  • - Ads are placed at ticket gateways that commuters pass through and interact with daily
  • - Ads are placed at security barriers at shopping centers, regional airports and NCP car parks
  • - Ads are placed on forecourt doors that ensures guaranteed visibility by people entering through it.


T4 Media Group needed a website to act as an online marketing funnel to propel its AdNozzles part of the business. The website needed to have specific criteria for better conversion:

  • Engaging design and user experience that appeals to the human eye
  • Easy navigation to help guide people, across all age groups and different levels of Internet proficiency, through the website
  • Provide geographically relevant and targeted ads of local businesses


Veepal IT Services designed/developed a visually appealing website and user experience that showcased local businesses front and center. To highlight the strategic ad services based on location - i.e. the nozzles of fuel pumps at local gas stations. At the core of the solution were three key KRAs

  • Local businesses can enter their postcode and can check a list of gas stations, where they can run their outdoor marketing campaigns under the LATW AdNozzles format
  • Clients get the flexibility to choose the design so that they can align their advertising objectives and brand theme to the fuel pumps nozzles
  • Business owners are prompted to go for AdNozzles, where they can view dedicated pages for past successful campaigns, in the form of client testimonials

The below technologies were used

  • : WordPress, jQuery
  • : MySQL
  • : MVC
  • : All internet Browser
  • : Linux


The website helped the T4 Media Group to better propagate its AdNozzles division of outdoor ad campaign business through the LATW platform. This in turn fuelled the company's ability to reach their expected marketing goals:

  • Business owners can customize their marketing design based on corporate branding initiatives, to increase brand awareness and response rates
  • The website allowed users to finalize and customize their targeted ad campaigns at select gas stations in just four easy steps
  • This in turn, lead to higher number of sign ups from local businesses because of the ease of use and easy navigation and user experience presented by the website.

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