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The DevOps Process at Veepal

At Veepal, we have full-fledged competencies in DevOps processes. This gives us a competitive edge in agile project execution with seamless collaboration between the development team, the testing team, and the business operations unit. Our process adopts well to the DevOps toolchain -

  • Code - Creating code across different platforms by sharing the job among multiple team members using source code management tools
  • Build - Merging the code from different programmers meaningfully using continuous integration
  • Test - Enabling quality assurance of the code through continuous testing
  • Package - Pre-deployment staging is carried out in this phase
  • Release - Release automation is done and operations team approvals are obtained
  • Configure - Configure the infrastructure for the new version release
  • Monitor - Gather end user experience and turn on application monitoring

With this process in place, we are able to drive continuous release and deployment, continuous testing, and continuous monitoring. This way, we dramatically reduce the time to market of the software version and drive shorter release cycles. For demanding clients who face the pressure to quick software updates from time to time, or those who have continuous incremental delivery, our DevOps process can be a great fit. It can meet the challenges of swift releases without compromising on the quality aspect.

Connect with us at Veepal to know more about our DevOps process and how it can add immense value to your business profitability.

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