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ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is one of the most crucial back end systems for any business. With a functional and well integrated ERP system in place, businesses can operate smoothly. ERP also helps them stay on top of different business procedures, projections and requirements. If you want to hire OpenERP developer for your business, head straight to us at Veepal.


Having a well-planned ERP system integrated with your business workflow can work wonders. It provides businesses with a way to keep track of their inventory, monitor transactions, calculate profits and expenses and manage a vast majority of important overall business processes on a day to day level. One of the best open source ERP platforms is OpenERP, recently rechristened as Odoo. At Veepal IT Services, we offer industry leading Odoo OpenERP services for businesses.

When you hire an OpenERP developer in India, you are looking to automate business processes and to keep track of everyday business transactions in a way that carrying out standard business procedures becomes more intuitive and efficient. We at Veepal strive to help you do precisely that by implementing Odoo (OpenERP) and custom fitting it for the exclusive requirements of your business. This way, you get an all-round solution for your requirements while taking advantage of this amazingly powerful and versatile ERP platform.

What we do

When you hire an Odoo developer from our company, you are getting the benefit of skills, experience and insight gathered from years of high quality work in the field which we pride ourselves on. Our mission is to maintain the highest standards of service for all our projects and to ensure complete satisfaction for every client. Our services include ?

  • Complete hosting, installation, implementation and configuration for Odoo framework.
  • Customization services and development of Odoo modules for specific business use.
  • Providing support and training for business employees to use and maintain Odoo.
  • Implementation of Odoo based ecommerce systems.
  • Setting up electronic point-of-sale.
  • Data migration to and from other business software.
  • Seamless integration of previously existing business processes into Odoo.
  • Comprehensive and complete troubleshooting and maintenance services

With these stellar services, we at Veepal can be your best option when you want to hire an Odoo developer and make Odoo (OpenERP) an integral part of your business.

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