In a fast-changing world, it becomes imperative to stay on top of the technological curve. This will help your business top gain a competitive upper hand. To avoid any slowdown in your business due to technology, it will be a smart move to utilize the LAMP development expertise on offer at Veepal. Be it custom web applications or robust e-commerce portals, we have the expertise in development of technology applications that is deeply personalized as per your digital marketing and branding needs.


When you hire LAMP developers from Veepal, you get distinct business advantages. We help to unlock the below benefits for your business:

  • Flexibility -
    Allows for tremendous flexibility in the development of multiple web applications and provides a platform for flawless output.
  • Grows with your business -
    The LAMP stack provides tremendous scalability. In a growing business, it becomes vital to have a platform which provides vast scalability to your application or website. It provides for a vertical growth of the site with the ability to add multiple processes and programs.
  • Deeply customizable -
    The LAMP stack is easy to develop and deploy and is easily customizable. The modules of the LAMP stack can be customized on different ways depending upon the variations of the technological platform.
  • Platform agnostic performance -
    The LAMP stack is not dependent on any single platform. It works flawlessly in all the major platforms like iOS, Linux, windows and android.
  • Quicker time to market -
    If you are in a hurry to develop a product or process, just inform us at Veepal. With the help of our deep domain knowledge on LAMP we will help you with quicker time to market. We know how to enable a high quality product development using LAMP's open source libraries and coding frameworks that can cut long hours of coding time.
  • Proven experience -
    With years of experience behind our team, we work to utilize the advantaged provided by the robustness of the Linux platform. On our LAMP development project, we use the secure Linux platform.This platform has regular updates and latest encryption tools which will make your product absolutely safe.

Veepal's service offerings in LAMP

Hire LAMP developers for these service offerings:

  • LAMP application product and service development.
  • LAMP product servicing and maintenance.
  • E-commerce websites with payments platform integration.
  • Social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  • Content management system.
  • B2B along with B2C solutions.
  • Enterprise applications along with third-party integration services.
  • Bookkeeping and Marketing Automation System.

Along with LAMP development, we have expertise in the following stacks:

  • LAMP: Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP
  • WAMP: Windows/Apache/MySQL/PHP
  • LAPP: Linux/Apache/PostgreSQL/PHP
  • MAMP: Mac OS X/Apache/MySQL/PHP
  • XAMPP: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows/Apache/MySQL/PHP, Perl

Got a custom LAMP development requirement? We at Veepal can help you with our expertise in LAMP and build a well-functioning web application that delights your customers.

If you too want to implement the above advantages of LAMP stack of technologies, then connect with us today at Veepal. Our team will be happy to assist you with your product development requirement.

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