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MEAN stack is the power of next generation of technological innovations derived from MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. This suite of technologies comes in handy to empower your websites, web and mobile applications, and gear them for growth.

Our friendly MEAN developers at Veepal will help you decode the above little hard looking terms into simple words and even better applications.We use our competencies in MEAN development to create dynamic and versatile web and mobile apps. By using JavaScript on both sides of the server as well as the client, our MEAN development team will help you grow your online business vertically.

We are skilled at developing a diverse range of web applications and websites like data-intensive media websites, real-time messaging applications etc. By applying the MEAN technological stack, you can be one step ahead in the competition.

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When you hire MEAN developers for your specific business needs, you can look forward to getting one or many of the below range of cutting edge solutions

  • Web services
  • Enterprise grade Android app development
  • ERP and CRM development
  • CMS design and development
  • e-commerce site development
  • Migration, Porting, Update, and Maintenance
  • Responsive web app development


The below advantages depict the real power of MEAN to let your online growth soar beyond your aspirations:

  • By using a single language format on both the ends, it saves a lot of time in the product development cycle. Node.js uses JavaScript on the frontend as well as backend.
  • As all the components are based on JavaScript, the MEAN stack offers a tremendous flexibility and ease ofMEAN development to develop feature-rich applications and websites.
  • The security architecture of the MEAN framework is quite robust and not easily hackable. Even though it's quite simple and flexible, it doesn't compromise on the app or the website security.
  • Due to the flexibility of the MEAN architecture, it provides a better and faster performance. Also, it has a scalable architecture which can be easily enhancedas per your growth objectives.
  • With the help of AngularJS,it's much easier to build a single page web application which is easy to test and maintain. Also because of it, the build time reduces drastically.
  • Cloud integration is quite common nowadays and sometimes even essential. With the help of MEAN stack language MongoDB, it's much easier to integrate your app with the cloud, thereby saving you a humungous amount of time, effort, and money.

Get business standard performance from our MEAN development skills that are driven by 4 incredible technologies.

Today world's renowned business houses and organizations are using the MEAN stack to stay ahead of the curve and to enjoy a much smoother experience while building their products and services.Go ahead, hire MEAN developers from Veepal IT Services and get enterprise grade secure, scalable, and customized applications made for your brand.

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