Veepal keeps in mind your need for transforming random information to insightful data. With this objective in mind, we help build and maintain robust and scalable database systems that are extremely powerful and easily retrievable at the same time. We are with you at every stage of the design process right from requirement analysis to maintenance support for your database needs.

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Databases are one of the most significant parts of an application. The application design remains incomplete without the integration of database in it. Databases are used for creating, modifying, storing and retrieving data for that specific application. It aids in adding dynamism to the application and is a necessity to streamline the workflow of an organization.

The whole life cycle of database design and development involves analysing the application specs, designing the logical model of the database, programming to actualize the logical structure into physical storage, deploying the database and maintaining it through queries. A Database design is called efficient when it justifies all the business needs and facilitates the flow of an application.

Veepal has years of experience in database design and development and we have plethora of satisfied clients who vouch for our work in the realm of designing databases. Our team of highly qualified database designers and developers have prowess over this craft and creates business specific and output driven databases.

We create databases for small businesses to huge enterprises and have served discrete sectors like banking, insurance, telecom, E-Commerce, healthcare, finance, education and more. Our sole purpose is to develop client centric databases that rationalize the business model of any application. We are pro at designing and developing MS-Access, MS-SQL, SQL Lite, MySQL, Postgres, DBISAM and Oracle databases for all platforms and OS.

We have adroitness in following forms of database services:

  • Database design
  • Database development and programming
  • Database integration and conversion
  • Database management and administration
  • Database maintenance and support

Our services can be rendered for fresh database development or for refurbishing the existing database systems. Our services can be acquired at cost effective rates and we can be trusted for timely delivery of work. When you want a firm that full proofs your applications with up-to-date database design and development, your search ends at Veepal!

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