Big Data Architecture, Visualization and Analytics

Veepal has tremendous track record in Big Data Architecture, Visualization and Analytics. The full spectrum of solution and services we provide at Veepal makes us one of the few companies to offer end to end big data services. We not only help set up a scalable and robust warehouse, but also take care to clean and normalize your data from diverse sources. Our BI competencies ensure that the data do not remain mere numbers but transform into actionable insights. These insights help augment your board members'decision-making process and take it in the right direction of growth boost.

Big Data Analytics

Check out how our structured approach helps you to leverage more from big data analytics and Business Intelligence.

  • Understanding needs - We help your business needs to converge suitably on the existing big data technology stack. This way you can optimize your costs and still get incredible ROI by utilizing our big data architecture, visualization and analytics. The wide range of our expertise too helps in this endeavor. Be it ETL setup, data sourcing, data transformation, exploration, or visualization, or data services are just the catalyst you need to fire up your BI systems. Our strong forte is in knowledge discovery, predictive analytics, business intelligence, data mining, and machine learning.
  • Planning and implementation - For us, we are only as good as the value we offer with our big data architecture setup. And for this to work well, we plan and configure the entire architecture around your specific business requirement. The initial analyses help us to set up the best fit tools for big data warehousing and analytics.
  • Oracle - The enterprise architecture from Oracle is considered one of the finest for big data. Check out our Oracle competencies for use cases, planning, configuring system architecture, setting up data architecture, and carrying out exploration and visualization. The scalable architecture means that even larger than intended volume of data can be easily accommodated.
  • SQL - With Big Data SQL, you can prep up your analytics suite with clear visibility in data access and its movement. Our expertise on Oracle industry standard SQL ensures that you need not have mastery over native data access methods like R, Python, Node.js, SQL server, or Graph. We also have the expertise to integrate the relational database structure of Oracle SQL with Hadoop and thus simplify the entire data access and analysis step.
  • MongoDB - Our expertise also covers the NoSQL structure with MongoDB. The cross-platform compatibility and open source nature of MongoDB means you can optimize costs of the overall big data architecture, its installation and configuration. With data explosion driven largely by unstructured data sources, it is our forte over MongoDB that helps makes sense out of this unstructured data.

Gain performance optimization and quick results returned for a vast dataset, thus speeding up the entire big data analytics chain. Check out our big data architecture proficiencies to augment your revenue generation potential.

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