CTO Services for Startups

CTO Services for Startups

Businesses across the globe face the challenge of running sustainable operations at low costs overheads. Technology is the catalyst used by many to overcome this challenge. A CTO will devise the right technology and IT infrastructure roadmap to ensure that bottom lines remain strong. However, given the lean operational model working in bootstrap mode, a startup is not able to afford these premium services.

CTO Services for startups

At Veepal, we seek to eliminate this barrier by providing all-around CTO services at costs that will make it an appealing proposition for startups. We help design, implement, and monitor basic and advanced functionalities of your startup's IT system. This way you can get high ROI when you utilize our virtual CTO services.

If it is challenging to justify the need for a full time CTO but yet you need his expertise, then our virtual CTO can be a great middle ground. We offer the same high caliber CTO services but at a fraction of the cost of in-house appointment.

Here are some key roles that we can perform as your cost efficient virtual CTO

1 Align your vision

Show us your vision and we will help you select the apt technology architecture that will bring in the business results that you are expecting, and at a cost that you can manage. Some of the services we offer include

  • Evaluate current IT, software, networking, and hardware systems
  • Recommends what needs to be added, what needs to be updated, and what can be removed
  • Develop a technology roadmap and vision
  • Drive the right kind of tech personnel and IT planning
  • Develop and launch documentation, guidelines, policies, and governance frameworks around IT
  • Identification and mitigation of security risks around the proposed solution

This way you can avail of a robust system delivering outcomes right from day one of implementation.

2 Platform selection

Be it SaaS, PaaS, IaaS or cloud based solution, with our expertise and domain knowledge you can get the right platform selection done for your business based on your delivery model and your target audience. We also suggest the best way to use proprietary and open source enterprise software, CRM, ERP, hardware, database systems, and tools. We help you come up with a low-burn high-impact startup that is lean and profitable.

3 Cultivate technology leadership

We know that CTO function is best kept in-house for larger gains. This is why we offer to build leadership from among your key employee so that he can be ready to take over the mantle once we have set up a high octane technology system in place for your startup. This way we think about your second phase of growth beyond the startup phase and keep you well and truly on the path to sustained level of growth in business.


We ensure that our technology strategy serves your business strategy. Our team is infused with years of experience managing top performing companies in its sector. This wide varied experience is what comes together at your service in the form of CTO services for startups.

Our expertise spans localized technology trends for the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia. This helps us to devise, design, and deploy the right mix of technology resources, strategy, and architecture that will yield enhanced outcomes for stated business objectives. This way, you can be assured of incredible ROI when you enlist our CTO services at Veepal.

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