Cloud Architecture, Deployment & Computing

Every business is on the cloud to drive cost efficiencies. However our USP in cloud computing at Veepal is what differentiates the value you leverage from this technology. We have a considerable array of cloud computing technologies expertise. This lets us provide the best performance solution as per the exclusive needs of your business.

Our business integration covers three key service delivery models - PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS. This experience allows our clients to go for a model that suits them and thus extract ROI from their business relationship with us.


Explore the different cutting edge offerings that we provide at Veepal

  • Amazon AWS - We harness the power of AWS with our own domain expertise in end to end cloud architecture, deployment, or computing. Our Amazon cloud services offerings include:
    1. AWS data management and backup
    2. AWS business consulting, strategizing, and readiness assessment
    3. AWS Application deployment
    4. Management of server and app solution
    5. Enterprise IT setup on AWS - from systems analysis, installation, and configuration, to maintenance, migration, and version upgrades
    6. AWS disaster recovery

    These services are offered through our know-how on Amazon S3, CloudFront, EBS, RDS and Virtual Private Clouds

  • Salesforce Cloud - Our expertise on Salesforce - the cloud based CRM giant, is an ideal offering if you want to take your marketing, sales, lead nurturing, and prospecting activity to the next level. This is an ideal solution if you need to simply focus on team productivity and innovation without worrying about the accompanying hardware, software and IT infrastructure configuration. Free up resources to work better on the cloud and leave the issues about running, maintaining, and scaling up server space, complex hardware, and compatible software on Veepal. We offer technology readiness assessment, implementation, custom development, and Salesforce mobile app development.
  • Azure - Our demonstrated experience in Azure cloud computing services is just the fuel you need to fire up your cost effectiveness objective. Our end to end service offerings include:
    1. Initial assessment of existing systems and technology upgrades needed to extract better value from Azure.
    2. Devise and develop strategy roadmap, design and Azure cloud computing deployment.
    3. Assess and assist client to choose from the right cloud delivery models - SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS.
    4. Assess and assist client to choose from the right cloud deployment models - public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid model.
  • Veepal comes across as a dependable partner for cloud computing service because of the below reasons -
    1. End to end approach to devise design and deploy the right solution based on tactical assessment
    2. High focus on uptime, accessibility, and quality
    3. Flexibility of engagement models

Create a robust, high performance, and cost-effective cloud computing infrastructure that can meet the demands of today and tomorrow, only with Veepal working by your side.

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