Power Up your Android App through Google I/O 2014 App Source Code

After the release of Google I/O app for 2014, thousands of users and developers have been eagerly waiting for its source code to get released. This is basically an app that helps to navigate the conference wherever you are, either at conference or from a remote location. Google I/O 2014 has given a fresh visual treat to the developers and user with the concept called ‘material design’. There are also many facilities and key benefits one can explore in this cool app.

Google has released this app on an annual basis in line with the developer conference held each year. Each time Google has strive to make it better than before. This well-made app helps you with the conference agenda, providing details of its location and the keynote and other speakers. The app is a great way to socialize and connect with renowned Google Developer Experts (GDE) too.

Google’s Source Code for I/0 2014 App
Geared to provide industry best practices to Google Android developers straight from Google Labs, the app provides an inside look of how Google develops an app. This will help developers stick to various Android development standards s well as easily leverage the power of new features developed by the Google team.

There are many experienced and budding app developers in the market who eagerly wait for the source code every year. The source code developed for the I/O 2014 implements the functionality to scan attendee’s badges, a vector based conference map, syncing of schedule and much more.

What can I/O 2014 Source Code do for you?
This is the time to utilize the great opportunity of exploring the source code developed by Google for I/O 2014. Google lets you borrow the source code and dig as much as you can for your own use. You have greater chance to implement the concept of re-usability. By following the footprints of Google’s standards, one can develop their own app and make it work professionally.

The main concepts of services, fragments, Loaders and content providers are integrated and embodied to form this majestic source code. The content provider helps you integrate with the products of Google and services like the top notch Cloud Messaging and API for Google Drive. If you are an app developer, you can get a deeper insight on the concept embedded in it and patch it accordingly to your code.

Know More about I/0 2014 Source Code

Now let us look into some of the takeaways of Google I/0 2014 source code. You will understand better and explore ways to reuse the code efficiently, if you have a sound knowledge on building code, image loading and GCM.

This release of source code helps you to

  • Borrow the code and explore app design
  • Reuse the code for your own app development
  • Serves as the best platform for practical learning
  • Understand the workflow of app development.

Features Included in the Source Code

Here are some of the concepts that are contained in the source code of Google’s I/O 2014.

  • SQLite Database
  • Action Bar
  • Navigation Drawer
  • Broadcast Receiver
  • Fragments
  • Content Providers

What makes I/O Source Code Special

Are you expecting a major enhancement in this year’s source code? Well, Google hasn’t disappointed on this front. The concept of Material Design and Android L Preview APIs are worth mentioning here. It also supports the full integration of Android Wear. Let us look into this a little deeper.

Material Design – The main goal of the material design it to provide an aesthetic and pleasing visual to the users. This particular app gives importance to surfaces and shadows. With the help of proper layout principles, a perfect app has been rendered to the users.

Android L Preview API – This helps you in enjoying the preview of the next release and makes yourself get ready when it is launched. It lets the developers to know the look and feel of the app even before its official release.

Android Wear – It blends with Android wearable devices for achieving a world class transmission. It helps developers experience a smooth and endless data transmission from any types of Android devices.

Now that you know what can be expected in Google I/O 2014 source code, hope the world of Google’s coding champions benefits your Android app development endeavors.

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